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Sport and leisure

Kortowo campus is just outside Olsztyn city in a beautiful area surrounded by forests. There are four lakes on the campus area; the biggest one is Kortowskie Lake. The lake is very popular for leisure and sporting activities. Water equipment can be rented there so you can enjoy kayaks, rowing boats, sailboats and water bikes. You can surf behind the boat, swim or simply sunbathe, or buy coffee in the nearby coffee shop.

Unique to this university are the horse riding facilities. There are modern stables, paddock, covered horse arena and plenty of riding trails. Lessons are offered for new riders.

There are a few open tennis courts you can use or participate in other athletic activities at the Kortowo stadium.

A modern swimming pool with a big fitness club and sauna is in nearby Kortowo. The university is known for its swimming competitions.

Football, jogging, cycling and cross-country skiing are other activities you can participate in.