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Travel to Olsztyn

For flight connections see web pages: www.sas.se, www.lot.com, www.wizzair.com. 
You take a flight to Gdansk. Wizzair is probably the best alternative as you are allowed 32 kg of luggage, compared to the 23 kg luggage allowance with SAS and LOT.

There are regular buses or minibuses directly from Gdańsk Airport to Olsztyn. The bus journey takes 3 hours.

The university organizes special bus trips from Gdańsk Airport to Olsztyn for students arriving during week 36. To get on this bus you have to notify the university prior to your arrival. Additional information about this trip will be provided during the exam.

Bus connections are as follows: Baltic Express Buss from Oslo and Stockholm or Gothenburg and other cities in Sweden, tel. +46 31 42 42 81, or see homepage: 

Car connection with a ferry link from Nynäshamn to Gdańsk (for information call +46 8 520 686 60 or see webpage: www.polferries.se) or from Karlskrona to Gdynia (for information call +46 31 704 00 00 www.stenaline.com).

Always notify your university prior to your arrival. Send an email to Mr Pawel Wiereńko on studyingmedicine@gmail.com

Please remember that you are personally responsible for the trip. 
 Final dates of arrival will be provided during exam.