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Entrance examination to Olsztyn

The entrance examination to the School of Medicine in Olsztyn will be held on 15th of June 2019 in Gothenburg. Between 10th and 15th of May you will get an invitation to the exam at your email address. The candidates from Norway are invited to Sweden for the exam.

The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions divided between Biology, Chemistry and Physics. You will have 5 answers to each question of which one is a correct answer. There are no negative points if you fail to answer correctly. The subject you will score least points for will be excluded and your acceptance to School of Medicine will be based on the remaining two subjects. There is no interview for this university.
The exam is in English language and will take 2 hours. You will get the results and a decision regarding your acceptance on the same afternoon.

It is strongly advised to prepare for this examination. It is sufficient to prepare from your high school textbooks.

Please take with you: your passport as identity document, a pen and a calculator. Periodic table (periodiska systemet) will be provided.

At this meeting you will also be informed about the payment schedule, books, trip to your university, accommodation and many other practical points. Parents are invited to be present at this meeting.

Additional entrance examination: This extra exam will be held in Olsztyn in August. Candidates who have not been successful in Gothenburg can have a second opportunity and also sit this examination!

Example questions for the entrance exam: