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Faculty of Medicine established in 1945, Gdansk, Poland

The Medical University of Gdansk is one of the largest medical universities on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea and enjoys dynamic development. It was founded in 1945, just three months after the end of World War II, and today provides education to 1400 students at the Faculty of Medicine and above 1200 students at the subfaculties of Dentistry and Nursing and at the Faculties of Pharmacy and Biotechnology.

The Faculty of Biotechnology is in close co-operation with other European universities and is co-ordinated by the University of Perugia (Italy). There are foreigners studying in all faculties. The Medical University of Gdansk actively participates in the Socrates/Erasmus Programmes implementing among other things student and staff exchange activities between 24 European universities. Students from Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France and Finland have served a part of their teaching programme in the Medical University of Gdansk. This education was provided individually in English. Didactic and scientific activities of the Medical University of Gdansk are in co-operation with numerous well-known foreign universities.

The medical curriculum comprises six years study for high school graduates. The Medical University of Gdansk has its own campus situated within a five minute walking distance of the Preclinical Sciences building. One of the student houses is reserved for foreign students. It is newly renovated and furnished up to higher than average standard.