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Gdańsk has a long history reaching back over a thousand years. Together with Sopot and Gdynia, Gdańsk forms an extensive conurbation referred as the Tri-City, which stretches for approximately 50 km along the south and west coast of the Gulf of Gdańsk.neptun

The city has nearly 500 000 inhabitants. It is an important centre of Polish economy, boasting two seaports and well developed shipbuilding, and other engineering industries. The city accommodates several schools of higher education and is a significant centre of sport, tourism and recreation. Gdańsk has always played an important role in Polish history. You may know the city as a location of the movement Solidarity, which prompted political changes and free market economies in Poland and other countries in Europe.

You will enjoy the beautiful, dispersed Old City of Gdansk. Norwegian students surely will have associations with Aker brygge, although in historical, not modern surroundings.

The regional airport provides daily flights to Warsaw, Hamburg and Copenhagen. Inter City trains go to Warsaw every 3 hours. Euro City to Berlin goes twice a day. There are also ferry link connections from Gdansk to Karlskrona and Oxelösund.


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