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Sport and leisure

Students have ample opportunity to combine a vibrant social life with an active commitment to their studies. There is a wide variety of social activities to choose from. Theatres offer all kinds of events from drama to musicals. The Opera House, Philharmonic Concert Hall, cinemas, museums and galleries ensure a great selection of entertainment. There are many pubs, clubs, coffee shops and restaurants. Many clubs have free entrance for students. 

Student participation in sport is encouraged. There are some compulsory physical activities and there are sport groups if you are interested in extra sporting activities for pure recreation. Most of the universities’ sporting facilities are located on the campus.

There is an Academic Sport Association, which runs sections of a more professional character. The members of sections are obliged to train and compete both locally and in competitions between universities.

Facilities are available elsewhere, at extra cost, for any sporting disciplines not provided for at the university.