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Exam preparation

It is strongly advised to prepare for entrance examination.
Exam questions cover biology and organic/non-organic chemistry. In the biology section half of the questions relate to cell biology and genetics.
Swedish secondary school text books used on science program (naturvetenskapligt program) provides sufficient knowledge to pass the test although thorough repetition is advised.

The following literature provides equivalent knowledge in English:
-Miller Levine Biology, 2010 On-Level Student Edition, cod 9780133669510 or
-A. Damon, R. McGonegal, P.Tosto&W. Ward Biology-developed specially for the IB Diploma, (2007) 
-Chemistry Course Book, 2014 Bylikin Sergey, cod 9780198392125
(textbook on IB program) or
-C. Brown& M. Ford Chemistry-developed specially for the IB Diploma, 2nd ed (2014) 
However, it is probably easier to repeat your knowledge from books in Swedish. It will also be sufficient if you do it thoroughly.

Questions from previous exams are found on https://admission.mug.edu.pl/38950
No facit it supplied.

Read Topics for Interview
you might use it not only to prepare for the interview but also to written examination.

Example questions for the entrance exam are on:

Topics for interview to Gdańsk

Photos from the Entrance Examination